How to ensure your family gets all your assets when you die

Let's face it: no-one likes to think of death, especially their own. It's not exactly a great conversation starter, is it? This might explain why so many people end up "dying Intestate" which means they die without a will and, as a consequence, have their assets distributed according to State law. 

Sadly, the way State law distributes a deceased person's assets among family members can often be a lot different to the way a deceased person wanted their assets distributed 

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Disasters. They happen. In personal lives, and in business.

That's not being negative, that's being real. Every day disasters affect families and businesses somewhere in the world, but it always seems to happen to someone else, doesn't it?

Touch wood.

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As a business owner, there are plenty of things you need to manage, and two of the most important of these are assets and risks.

In other words, building your wealth and protecting your wealth.

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Choosing the Right Structure for Your Business is Critical

Get it Wrong at Your Peril.

The best structure for your business and your business objectives can get complex so we recommend you take specific advice for your circumstances (See our FREE offer below). The following scenario highlights the two primary considerations for your structure decision; Risk and Tax Planning.


Risk should be your primary consideration. Why? Because this is the thing that may cost you everything you own. Every business carries with it a level of risk, some of it can be insured but insurance does not always cover every single possibility. Let me give you an example (This is an extreme example to demonstrate our point):

Bob operates a photography business. Low risk, right? While taking a photo of a $300,000 Ferrari he accidentally left the brake off. Although his shots of the car rolling off the cliff went viral, the owner was less than impressed. She sued Bob's business and it was ordered to pay his client $300,000 in damages.

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Would You Spend $8 to Save $50mil

Don't Burn Your Money

Even the biggest companies can make mistakes. It just seems that when it comes to the Personal Properties Security Register (PPSR) the message is not really as clear as it should be. (Please CLICK HERE for our last post on this subject)

Here is an example of how to burn $50 million by NOT taking proper advice and NOT paying $8 in registration fees to protect your assets.

Recently a US company, APR Energy, decided not to register a security interest on the Personal Properties Security Register (PPSR) for four gas turbines it had on lease to an Australian company. The Australian company, Forge Group, was placed into receivership in February 2014 while they were leasing four gas turbines from APR Energy. As reported by The Age, receivers of Forge Group are now trying to assert their right to gain control of the turbines to satisfy the debts of Forge Group. If they are successful APR Energy will be relegated to an unsecured creditor and may well get nothing from the liquidation of their customer.

It only costs $8 to register a security interest on the PPSR. It seems ludicrous to us that people in business would not want to make sure their valuable property is appropriately secured.

If you provide finance, supply, lease, hire or loan assets to third parties, we strongly recommend you obtain appropriate advice and consider registering your 'security' interest in the assets.


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