11 reasons password manager apps are a must

Cloud computing and web-based apps have undoubtedly improved business efficiency. But once you and your team start using various online apps, one aspect quickly becomes inefficient (not to mention downright annoying): having to repeatedly enter usernames and passwords to log in. 

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Why you need a marketing calendar and how to get started

So, you're thinking about using a marketing calendar for your business but you're not sure if it's worth the effort or how exactly to go about it. 

Let's clear something up right off the bat: you DEFINITELY need a marketing calendar. No matter what business you're in or how small it is, you need to market it and – if you're serious about getting results – you should market with a plan.

What's a marketing calendar?

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10 ways your small business can get more out of LinkedIn

If someone gave you the opportunity to attend a meeting where thousands of your prospects were also present, you'd be silly not to take them up on the offer…right? 

This opportunity might be staring you in the face.  

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When a prospective client asks you for a quote, it's a powerful opportunity to make a sale. In fact, with the right response you may be able to 'seal the deal' almost immediately. 

But if you take your time to respond, provide wildly different quotes for similar work, or otherwise send bad signals about your business, you could easily lose that client. Which is a pity, because it seemed they really wanted to do business with you. 

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How to fund your new business venture through crowdfunding

So you've got a great idea for your business, but you don't have the funds right now to get it off the ground. 

You could try applying for a government grant, but it's often a long and arduous bureaucratic process of form filling and there are of course no guarantees you'll get the money. Some governments also offer tax incentives for research and development, but usually you need to spend the money before you can get it back. 

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