SMSF tips: When is a Self-Managed Super Fund the right choice?

There has been a lot of talk about Self-Managed Super Funds in recent years. You will have noticed there has been mixed media coverage about whether SMSFs are a good choice for managing the average person's superannuation.

Your superannuation choices are crucial and the decisions you make now could result in a difference-positive or negative-of many hundreds of thousands of dollars when it comes time for you to retire.

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Why a standard will might not be enough: 10 questions, answered

What would happen to your loved ones if something suddenly happened to you?

Not surprisingly, it's a question many of us tend to avoid.

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Your step-by-step guide to setting up an SMSF

Are you worried that your hard-earned money is not working hard enough for you? That your dream of your golden years spent on the golf course or with loved ones on the beach is fading fast? 

Think you can do a better job yourself - by managing your own super? 

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Unless more Australians start making smarter superannuation and investment decisions, many won't have enough to retire when they imagined or live the type of lifestyle they expected.

The Ready to Retire study from 2017 found that the average Australian worker currently has around $200,000 less than they will need to live comfortably. A lowly 22 percent believe they will have enough superannuation funds upon retirement.

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Business owners: Ready to ride the SuperStream?

If you're still paying your employees' super with bank transfers (or worse still, cheques), then you need to change the way you do things-and fast.

Businesses making super contributions for 20 or more employees had to start making those payments online from 31 October 2015. And any business with fewer than 20 employees have to do the same from 30 June 2016.

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