A Staggering $12.5 Billion Dollars is Sitting in Lost Super - Is Some of it Yours?

I regularly talk to clients about their superannuation and it amazes me that so many people have lost track of their super accounts over the years (me included!!!). In February this year the ATO advised a staggering lost super total of $12.5 billion from 1.2 million lost accounts. That's an average balance of every lost super account of nearly $10,000.

Here is a brief summary by state:

NSW - 405,079 lost accounts $4,213 million

Vic - 264,330 lost accounts for $2,736 million

Qld - 274,790 lost accounts for $2,722 million

WA - 207,075 lost accounts for $1,518 million

SA - 72,238 lost accounts for $680 million

ACT - 22,270 lost accounts for $248 million

NT - 23,819 lost accounts for $208 million

Tas -  22,160 lost accounts for $198 million

Even if you think you have all your super accounts it is worth taking 1 minute to do a check (CLICK HERE for the Quick Super Check). You will need your Tax File Number, Full Name, and Date of Birth. Simply click on the link above to go to the search page, enter your details and wait for the result.

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