Reckon, or what used to be called QuickBooks, has a range of solutions to suit all businesses. Reckon provide both online and offline solutions and we reckon (pun intended) you will want to understand the key features of their solutions that set them aside form the other solution providers as we have listed them below. 

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Reckon_One 100% Online


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 The cheapest online solution available. Current subscription charges are $5 a month* (without bank feeds).

Fully online and can be accessed on any internet enabled device any time.

Bank feeds are available for $3 a month* (up to 100 transactions) or $5 a month* (up to 250 transactions). 

The system is modular. The modules are very cost effective, payroll for example is only $3 a month*. If you only invoice for one or two months of the year just pay for the months you have to invoice. This is particularly good for our sports clubs with annual membership charges.

There is no difference in pricing if you are registered for GST or not.

 If you cancel your subscription fro any reason, the information is available as read only for 7 years. To view the information beyond 7 years just subscribe for a month and cancel again and your file will be reset for another 7 years.

* as at 30 June 2015

Reckon_Accounts_HostedHosted Solution


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This is the product previously known as QuickBooks. A fully functioned accounting system with excellent reporting tools.

For a single subscription fee you can have multiple entity files. This is a key issue for groups with a trust, a company, and maybe a rental property all requiring different files.

The set up if you are an existing Reckon or QuickBooks user is handled by Reckon and is quick and easy. All it takes is a phone call.

There are around 600* add on applications that can be connected to Reckon Accounts to add specific functionality to your business.

This is a hosted solution though. That means your file sits on the Reckon server so you can take a local back up. It also means you need to have the local software on your device, so you may not be able to access the data from your travels, an internet café, your phone, or a friends computer.

* as at 30 June 2015

Reckon_Accounts Locally Stored


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This is the product previously known as QuickBooks. A fully functioned accounting system with excellent reporting tools.

It is identical to the Hosted version except it is not online. The file is stored and accessed from your local drive or server.

If you are not ready to embrace the cloud then this could be the perfect solution for you and your business.


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