Stocktakes Frustrating You?

- Spend less time managing your stock and more time managing your business

Whenever we talk to clients about stock management they are generally frustrated with their desktop accounting system and how their stocktakes never seem to balance. In the end most give up not long after paying their bookkeeper a lot of money to set up all their stock items and do whatever it is bookkeepers think should be done. Which, in our view is usually a whole lot of nothing!! This means you are spending far too much money on their time to do stuff you don't need to do.

There is a simple cost effective solution, and we can help you set it up and have it running in your business in less than a couple of hours.

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Our Clients' Problems and Our Solutions with Tidystock

"My Stocktakes take forever and never balance"

Did you know most businesses never have to do a stocktake. It is common for clients to think they have to because "somebody" told them they should( ok so my last dig at bookkeepers here..) . When we have clients who really do need to manage their stock, Tidy Stock provides a simple solution and once set up will draw stock down with every invoice and replenish it with every order.

You can even manage purchase orders, short deliveries from suppliers, and it all links to your accounting system so you don't need to enter anything in two systems.

"I cannot learn another system, it was hard enough learning my desktop accounting system I am using now"

The reason your current desktop accounting system was so difficult to learn is because in the past accounting systems have been complicated with lots of manual data entry. Tidy stock will take you no more than an hour to learn because it is simple, dedicated to doing what it does and nothing else, and it can communicate directly with your webstore or accounting system.

"My stocktakes take forever and never balance so I just don't do them"

That's such a common problem. We have clients who did one stocktake after setting up their desktop accounting system and after one day the stock was wrong. We say, "don't bother with stocktakes". Well, you may have to do a stocktake or two, but it will not be a bother with Tidy Stock, we promise you that.

 "The cost of new systems is ridiculous. I pay over $1,000 a year for my current accounting software and we don't even use half the functions in it"

Traditional accounting systems tried to do everything so they had to be expensive to ensure the suppliers got value for money on their development. Tidy Stock, just deals with stock. It doesn't try to be your total solution but will happily talk to your accounting system so you never have to reconcile your stock to your general ledger ever again. The fully functioned solution can be up and running in your business in a matter of hours and will costa fraction of the cost of your current system.

"My biggest problem with an online store, is selling things I don't have. My business works well, but when I have to refund sales because my stock was not updated, it just hurts!"

Doing all the hard work to capture a sale and then having to provide a refund to a customer because your internal stock management was not accurate is gut wrenching. Our advice is don't ever do this again. Manage your stock simply and accurately with a dedicated system. It is so cheap, that one refunded sale a month will pay for the system.

"I order material from suppliers but sometimes they just cannot deliver the quantity I ordered. When this happens it is difficult to ensure my stock order quantity matches the quantity delivered."

This is such a common problem with so many clients. Tidy Stock makes it easy to split purchase orders, if the balance will be delivered later, or simply receipt the actual quantity against the whole purchase order and Tidy Stock will automatically make the adjustment for you.

But There is So Much More...

If you are drowning in paperwork, pulling your hair out over your stocktake, being charged too much for your accounting work, or losing time with your friends and family because you have an inefficient systems, then call us now on (07) 5439 1600 for a FREE NO OBLIGATION review of your requirements.

For a limited time we are offering a FREE systems review and tidystock set up* CLICK HERE NOW to take advantage of this offer and start saving time and money right now

 * Limited to two hours of our time which is usually enough to get all your stock items imported from your existing system ready to go.

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