The Australian Tax Office had identified the Cafe and Restaurant Industry as one they are particularly interested in having a closer look at.

This means they will be sending you a letter outlining the common mistakes they have found in their audit activity for Cafe and Restaurant businesses.

Those mistakes include:

  • Not recording all sales through the cash register
  • Wages and business expenses not being recorded and paid for in cash
  • Using unreported cash sales to fund personal expenses
  • Regular reconciliations not being completed
  • Compulsory superannuation guarantee payments not made on behalf of employees.
We can help mitigate these issues, just call us and ask us how – It's that simple. Ph: (07) 5439 1600

So far the Tax Office has conducted 5,000 audits in the Cafe and Restaurant industry and charged each taxpayer an average of $6,000 in penalties for various breaches. The average additional tax charged is $21,000. Combined, the ATO has raised over $62 million from those 5,000 businesses - Don't let your business be their next target!


You may receive a letter from the ATO soon. While the letter is not a formal audit letter there are some things you can do to ensure your business remains off their audit list:

1.   Keep proper records to show all sales are being reported.

It's Easy To Keep Proper Records

Keeping records is getting easier with the application of technology. Did you know that there is now a solution available that allows you to post your receipts and tax invoices away in a freepost envelope and have them recorded in your accounting system, scanned, filed, and backed up  for future reference.

These handy solutions are cost effective, can save you hours in time, and if you are ever audited the information is available easily to provide the ATO reducing your further audit risk and cost. CLICK HERE NOW or call our office on (07) 5439 1600 to make a FREE no obligation appointment to discuss your options.

2.   Ensure you have an appropriate point of sale and bookkeeping system.

What systems are you using at your cash registers? How much do they cost?

Perhaps it is time to review your POS and bookkeeping systems. Technology again provides a cost effective, value added solution. A typical cloud based POS system works from your existing hardware, integrates seamlessly with your accounting system, can operate on portable devices allowing orders to be taken at the table and immediately transmitted back to your barista or chef. What's more, the payment can be processed right there and then too – NO MORE WALKOUTS!!

If you wish to book a FREE no obligation demonstration of these systems please CLICK HERE NOW or call our office on (07) 5439 1600 to make an appointment.

3.   Talk to us immediately if you have any concerns.

We deal with ATO warnings and audits all too often. The frequency of audits and the quality of the information available to the ATO is increasing.

It is a fact that the Retail and Cafe and Restaurant industry is a target for Tax audit activity so it is very important you are doing things properly. CLICK HERE NOW or call our office on (07) 5439 1600 to make a FREE no obligation appointment to discuss your options.


The Australian Tax Office is relying more and more on electronic data and benchmark ratios to target their audit activity. It is a fact that the Retail and Cafe and Restaurant industry is a target for their audit activity and it is equally true that the ATO do not always rely on appropriate analytical information. Your risk of being audited is higher than other businesses and is only increasing as the ATO successfully targets the Cafe and Restaurant industry.

Without Audit Insurance you will be liable to pay for our charges to deal with an audit. Even if you have done everything perfectly, the cost of dealing with an audit letter often exceeds the cost of your annual insurance premium. Of course, these costs rise if the audit progresses beyond an initial enquiry.

You should consider Audit Insurance and let the insurance company pay for our fee's if or when you are audited. CLICK HERE NOW or call our office on (07) 5439 1600 to find out how you can keep yourself covered.

PS: For more information on how we can assist you make your business more efficient by using new cloud based technology, how you can make more money, or how you can pay less tax contact our office now to book your free no obligation appointment with one of our qualified specialists.

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