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We specialise in services to the trades. We understand the business of construction, the complexities of being a tradie, and the difficulty running a business when you are also busy on the tools. That's why we have provided a range of services to ensure all our tradie clients get the most efficient and cost effective advice possible.

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The Essentials


An Online Accounting System

Don't let your customers finance their holidays with your money!

You are out of the office most of the day. Having real time access to your client, and financial data is imperative. Know how much your customer owes you on the spot so you can let him know the "cheque was not in the mail".

Integrated Job Management System

You are out of the office, a staff member calls to get a price for a variation so he can carry on with the job. Can you prepare this now or do you have to tell him to hold tight until you get there to have a look?

You should be able to prepare quotes and variations on the run, assign jobs to your staff, order materials per your scope of works, and have clients sign off on variations on the job.

If you are not doing this then you need to talk to us today. These systems are cheap and will save you hundreds of wasted hours and thousands of dollars. 

Subcontractors v Employees

There are so many myths surrounding this issue that the law has almost been forgotten about. It isn't simple to anybody but the ATO.


Unfortunately we know the consequences of getting this one wrong from real experience . It can cost thousands in extra tax, super, and Workcover.

If you engage contractors, are a contractor, or just thinking about it take our advice early and make sure you get it right!

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 Other Stuff You Need to Know

Risk Management - Is Your Family Home Safe?

Risk management starts with your structure. Let's face it, OH&S is a pain in the tool belt BUT it is vital to ensure our business operates legally.

Is your family home safe, can you keep your tools to keep working, what about that boat that you use for "business"?

Have you considered what happens if a successful claim is made against you? We can help you keep all those things that you hold precious and protect you from many business risks.

If you are a sole trader or in partnership YOU MUST TALK TO US TODAY so we can protect your assets immediately.

Contractor Payments Reporting

The ATO does not particularly like the trade and construction industry. They see it as a risk to the tax base and an industry rife with tax evasion. In 2012 they introduced a reporting regime requiring all people in the trade and construction industry who engage contractors to report on all payments made to them.

The requirements of the regime are onerous and rely on you having the systems in place to gather information and report it on to the ATO. Without the right systems this report can take hours to complete and if you are paying for it to be done it can work our very expensive.

For $150 we will review your reporting system and let you know what you have to do to save time and money complying with this regime.

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We provide comprehensive expert advice tailored to the trade and construction industry. If your specific enquiry is not addressed above just phone us on (07) 5439 1600 or CLICK HERE to make an appointment with our team of tradie experts


Our FREE Tradie Resources

Tradie Toolkit

Our FREE Ebook that guides you through the 6 simple steps to make your business more profitable. 

Tradie Checklist

A two minute test to evaluate your business efficiency and "profitabilityness"


Annual Contractor Payments Report            

    More information on the governments invasive information gathering and what you need to do to comply with the law.


 Our Promise to You:

"To provide our clients with a proactive and "Complete" taxation, accounting and business advising service, for an agreed value, with absolute honesty and integrity, in a friendly and caring manner."

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