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When our clients told us they didn't understand the cloud, were confused about what their financial statements meant, and had little idea why they were paying their bookkeeper so much we started to think there must be a better way. We think we found the better way with Xero.

The Solution with Xero and Complete Business Strategies

Our Clients Problems

Our Solution to those Problem

  •  I don't know what "The Cloud" is.

  • "The Cloud" is just a trendy name for the internet. Instead of having your accounting data on the computer in your office, Xero is available from any internet enabled device anywhere in the world.

  • What do our Financial Statements really mean. All we need to know is how is our business is going.
  •  Xero provides a snapshot of exactly how your business is performing every time you log in. It even shows how much money you have in the bank, how much is due to come in, and how much is due to be paid out.
  • I need to spend less time on my bookkeeping and more time actually building my business.
  • Our fixed fee packages, combined with Xero's automation and efficiency will give you more time and money to build your business.
  • I spend a lot of time doing quotes and lose track of them easily if I am out of the office.
  • Xero integrates with many quoting packages so if you are preparing your quotes manually then you really need to be talking to us. Our clients can save hours every week on managing the quoting process with a Xero add on.
  • Processing my payroll takes a long time and having to make manual payments every week just adds to that time.
  • Xero payroll can be completed in minutes and payments can be made through the built in ABA functionality. Even clients with 20 or more employees can process their payroll in a matter of minutes with Xero.
  • We don't like large annual accounting bills.
  • Set monthly fees with savings from the efficiency of processing provided with Xero.

But There is So Much More

Xero provides an almost limitless array of functions through it's add ons.

If you are drowning in paperwork, being charged too much for your accounting work, or losing time with your friends and family because you have an inefficient accounting system, then call us now for a FREE NO OBLIGATION review of your requirements.

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Why Choose Us?
  • Make more money from your business and pay less tax.
  • Set your business up properly to protect your wealth.
  • Keep your personal wealth protected from creditors.
  • Spend less time doing your admin and bookkeeping.
  • Reduce or eliminate altogether your capital gains tax liability on the sale of your investment properties.
  • Have enough money in your retirement to live the life you deserve.
  • Borrow money to invest or buy your new home – and this service is FREE.
  • For tradies and similar businesses - automate your quoting and job management systems.Save hours every week!
  • Anything else you can dream is possible – we can help you achieve it.

We are different because we want to know what you want to achieve. That way, everything we do for you is guided by your needs.
We don't just fill in your tax return and tell you how you went last year (unless you want us to do that of course) but we provide you with comprehensive advice across all areas of tax and finance to ensure your dreams come true.

PS: You may also like to know that we will never outsource your work to any other low cost country. We are proud to do all your work right here in Australia.

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